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About me...

I was born "different" at the age of 18 months I was diagnosed with high functioning autism, I had all the classic signs, with some emerging language skills, I believe Einstien was also autistic, as he was regarded a dummy at the age of 5 but later grew to be one of the most respected minds of our current times, far ahead of his day & age. My mother being young & unwed couldn't handle the diagnosis & left me with grandparents til she found out at  6 yrs of age I began to speak well, so she came back & stole me from the only life I knew in the middle of the night, she brought with her a creature named a step-father who would spend the next 5 years, torturing me, in every way imaginable & even some unimaginable until I couldn't take it anymore & left home at 11 yrs of age, I made my way to down town Seattle & slept behind a dumpster, it was the first real night of sleep I had had in well over 5 years... since I had spent so much time with food being withheld from me I could stand to not eat for days. Seattle at that time had an extensive streetchild population as well as a very large Gay community, between the other streetkids, & most of the gay community I learned alot about life, love & how to be a good person, it is because of this I believe I went on to have 4 children of my own, adopt 3 more, & foster my own siblings as well as countless other children, without violence or abuse, it is because of this I now rescue unwanted & abused animals. They also taught me  to love all people no matter their religion, appearance, sexual orientation, culture, or color. I have explored just about every religion known to man, even tried to make my own up, til I realized there is no exact science or method to it, it is a collection of thoughts, experiences & emotions. I trained as a Medicine Woman under a Lakota Medicine man so my basic philosphy is geared towards Native Religion, I have documented well over 12 Native bands in my bloodline so it makes sense that this is the road I travel, my name for God is Creator, or Father, my name for the earth is Mother, I consider all creatures my sisters & brothers & I am honor bound to care for them all. I am the one who sits out in the woods for days trying to catch a stray dog who'd been attacked by coyotes, or the one who goes into a mountain before a storm to catch a runaway dog, or even the one who will head over mountain passes in ice & snow storms to go rescue a pack of feral dogs, I take the worst case scenario dogs, then I rehab them & find them homes. I have a big mouth which gets me into quite a bit of trouble, I say what I think even at times I shouldn't which is in part due to the autism, but you will always know where you stand with me, you won't find any ulterior motives in my heart or soul. I don't sugar-coat things so if you do not want my opinion please for both of our sake's don't ask for it. I've realized something very basic... I can't save the world & everything in it, but I am going to make sure I make a difference in it!

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