Finally Home Rescue & Ministry Member Application
Welcome! We are so glad that you are considering joining our church! This is a combo assessment, application & introduction application as well. It lets us know what you hope to gain, what skills, talents, & abilities are so that we in the church can help you as well as knowing in what capacity you would be best suited to serve others. Please take your time & put a great deal of thought into the answers because you may want to review it a year from now or even later to get your own self assessment. There will also be a survey at the end of 90 days during your probationary period, it is during this time that we are on probation, not you, I hope in this amount of time you will know if this is the right place for you or not. Fill this out entirely & honestly, so that we can help each other.



Date of Birth:








Do you have any criminal background that would exclude you from working with the community at large?

Why are you here?

What do you hope to gain by being here in the long run?

What are your primary goals in joining?

What are your political views

What are you religious views?

Are you willing to serve others in different capacities?

What special skills or talents can you bring to the table here?

What are your hobbies?

What is your ethnic background & do you know something about these cultures?

What languages do you speak?

What kind of a schedule do you have?

How are your communication skills?

Do you have any special disabilities?

What are your own personal basic values?

What do you feel is your role here on this earth?

What are your views on world & current events?

What is your views on other "religions"?

What is your view on your own religion?

Where do you see yourself in 1 yr?

Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs?

Where do you see yourself in 10 yrs?

How do you plan to make this happen?

What is your family history & background? (Family composition, siblings, nurturing or lack there of,extended family & their role in your life)

What is your health like?

What do you hope to learn?

What do you hope to teach?

If you were given 1 year to live tell us in detail what you would do:

We want this to be a positive change in life for you, we want to help you excel in all that you do, we want you to learn & grow as an individual. We strive to create an extended family unit here & as with all families there needs to be rules & guidelines, listed below:

We will not tolerate meanness or disrespect to each other, even though your views may be different than someone else's it doesn't make either one of you right or wrong, it makes you different in your views, our goal is to appreciate the differences, to learn from each other & to teach others in a positive way. Going back to the old guage... If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. We are not here to judge each other it is not even our right to do so, we are here to better ourselves so before we focus on all that we think someone else is lacking we need to take a long hard look inside of our own selves & fix what is inside of us. Any endeavor that another member takes on no matter how insignificant it may seem may be a catalyst of great & untold proportions to this member so we always offer each other encouragement & support. If one member fails, we all fail. We are bound to have people from all walks of life, all cultures, all religions, different family make ups, different financial classes, & different sexual orientation. It is our duty to learn a little about each person, to try to understand & respect each individuals choice, it is also your duty to inform the congregation if you think someone is participating in unsafe practices towards themselves or others or if you think they may harm themselves. we do not condone partner, parent, animal or child abuse in ANY form, we are duty bound to report this to the appropriate authorities, in this matter I choose not to exersize our legal right of confidentiality. If you need help in any of these matters please let us know & we can get it for you, whether you are the victim or the abuser. We don't condone "staying together for the kids" or family or spousal neglect. We do not discuss other members outside of our group in a disparaging way at all what so ever. We do not try to undermine someone else's goals or ideals, if you are Catholic & someone else practices wiccan it is NOT your job to tell them they a wrong, it is not possible to do this truthfully anyway. It may be wrong for you but entirely right for the other person, it is not your job to judge or condemn. Fixing the world begins with fixing you first, we would like your focus to be on yourselves at first so that you can continue to grow as a person. At least once a week we would like you to participate in a "Random Act of Kindness & Senseless Beauty" whether it is paying it forward at the coffee stand or making an anonymous donation to a favorite charity, or buying 2 sandwiches & giving one to a coworker who has not left for lunch or a homeless person. As a representative of our church we would like you to smile  at the people you meet each day, a smile is contagious, then they will unknowingly give that gift to someone else. We willingly give & ask for support from each other with the understanding that no one person can do it all & that we do still in fact need a pat on the back & other's support to become all we were meant to be in life. there is no shame in failure, the shame is to quit trying. We strive for honesty in all of our dealings with ourselves & with each other. Our biggest duty is to be true to ourselves first, it is when we have taken care of ourselves that we are the most effective at caring for others. Our services as they are, are more like a forum where everyone is encouraged to participate, there will be no "preachin & a screaming goin on here" we believe you are a grown up, you know the difference between right & wrong & there are consequences for every choice you make, good or bad. I offer spiritual counseling to our members, if you are able to pay for these services it would be greatly appreciated, but if not it will not be withheld from anyone. We will basically have "services" every day of the week, 3 times a week at my home, 3 times a week on line & hopefully finances & work schedules permitting one group activity per week. We also ask that you keep a daily journal to note things you've done, things you've learned, & to keep a record of your own personal growth. Each person starts here with a blank book supplied by the church, it is your job to fill it up or fill it in as the case were. There is also a suggestion box of sorts so that we can get your opinions & ideals. We have a volunteer list & we suggest you pick your least favorite one, as you may find when you think, feel & act differently a lot of your own personal views will change as well. We also ask that you QUIT saying "How are you today" & walking off, STOP, take the time to listen, offer support, or encouragement as needed, then move on, it costs nothing at all & you've done a good deed for the day & given another human being validity, easy simple, cheap & the benefits are great! Now we know that not everyone is going to like each other, that is really alright, but again we must still be respectful keeping in mind that 99% of the things we hate about others is linked to fears we have about what is inside of heard me right, so it might be in your best interest for your own personal growth to make the extra effort to interact with that person. we ask that you download this form online so you can write as much as you need to, print a copy for our records, & print a copy for yourself, we would hope that you will use this as a tool to gauge your own progress for the future.

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