What is "Divination"?

There are many forms of Divination, & many schools of thought on it. Some people use cards, runes, or any other number of tools.

I use different types of cards & physical psychic interpretations. I can tell you what it is not, it is not a fix-all, it is not written in stone, it is not absolute because it is tied to destiny, destiny is fluid, it is movement, it is ever changing. Anyone who promises you all the answers to your questions is a con artist, because the questions are ever changing.

What I hope to do is to give you clarity about where you are right now in your life, to help you understand how you got there & to explore the "Choices" you have to change your circumstances or bring about the change you want to see. I can't give you the winning lotto numbers, I've never even tried, I won't cast spells for you, I in no way will practice any types of black magic or trickery.

Why do my services work so well? Because I am not personally involved with your life, with your decisions, I can have better clarity from the outside looking in I have also made a lot of choices in my life I shouldn't have or that made some negative impacts on my life, I am still amazed at how often times it never even comes to pulling out a deck of cards or a sack of symbols.

Be prepared though, one thing I am not is a soothsayer... I will not tell you what you want to hear for the sake of telling you that, I will tell you the truth, & the truth can be ugly, it can be painful, & it can destroy many a house of cards. I can however promise you that you will walk away with a greater understanding of yourself, & how the decisions you make affect the world around you. I am not here to do it for you though, merely to give you guidance, & encouragement.

I am also not going to give you bits & pieces of information to keep you coming back, my hope is that we can get to the root of the problem within the first hour so if it goes beyond the first hour then the next hour's rates are reduced whether it is for single, couple's or family sessions. You are free to return as many times as you want to but not at the risk of your personal finances.

I was born with certain gifts & abilities & those come into play but I am also a realist, so if you are trusting me to help you negotiate around in your life I owe it to you to, be as honest & forthright as I can be. I can give you the information but only you can utilize it to your own best interests. Our rates are as follows

Single Sessions 75.00 pr hr

Couple's Sessions 100.00 pr hr

Family Sessions 125.00 pr hr

Group rates 100.00 pr hr

Pre-Marital/Community living 50.00 pr hr

We also have gift certificates for those of you with the hard to shop folks which are good for anytime of the year & have no expiration dates. Also remember that most of the proceeds will go to our Ministry & Animal Rescue efforts & therefore will be tax-deductible.

You can use the PayPal button below to order it but be sure to include the recipients contact info so we can send them their gift certificate, or specify if you want it sent to your home so that you can present it to the person!

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