If you are looking for a pet, facing have to give up a pet, first time pet owner we have a service for you!

We can help people who are considering getting a pet for the first time to pick a dog & breed that is right for you, we can look for a specific breed for you, we can help you get your home ready for your new arrival, we can help you find boarding, grooming training, vets, & pet products galore.

We provide end of life care for people & their pets, foster care for our troops, or homeless families, free or low cost shot, flea & worming clinics, dog & cat to seniors or low income & homeless families. We also rescue dogs from across Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, & sometimes even California & use volunteers to bring them back to Seattle or I just go get them myself, we specialize in problem or senior dogs but there are always lots of dogs in need of all sizes, shapes & breeds.

We also have a monthly sponsor program so even if you can not foster, adopt or transport you can help provide medical care, food & shelter for an animal in desperate need.

Here is a copy of our adoption aaplication you can copy & paste it & send it to me, or you can email me at finallyhomerescue@yahoo.com for a copy in word format

Dog Adoption Contract/Application FINALLY HOME PET RESCUE
Maiden or alias Name:
Spouse’s name:
Spouse’s age:
Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:
Message Phone:
Email Address:
Where Employed:
How Long Employed:
How long have you lived in this state:
What other states have you lived in:
What if any criminal convictions do you have:
Violent crimes:
Crimes involving animals:
(Including neglect or endangerment) Please keep in mind that even if charges were not filed there is still reports that can be accessed & are a matter of public record.
List at least 5 personal references of people you have know for over 5 years with current phone numbers & addresses, years known & relationship to you along with a personal handwritten reference from each:
Do you own or rent your home:
Is your yard fenced:
Do you have other pets:
What kind:
How many:
List all other dogs you've owned in the past:
How long did you own them?
Why are they no longer with you?
Do you have any children:
How many:
How old:
Where will the puppy spend the day:
Where will the puppy spend the night:
Do you have a kennel or dog run:
Who will watch him/her when you go on vacation:
Who will watch him/her when you are away for an extended period of time:
Do you have a family vet:
Phone number:
Can you demonstrate the financial ability to be able to care for the needs of the puppy:
Who will be responsible for the puppy's exersize, care & feeding:
Do you understand that the puppy will be spayed or neutered before being placed with you:
What in your opinion would be a plausible reason to give up or surrender an animal:
Can you provide basic obedience lessons for your pup & with whom:
Do you agree to having a chip placed in the animal with myself as an alternative contact:
***Do you agree to place the pup back with me in the circumstance that you can no longer keep or care for him or her:
What days, hours or times would you be available for a home visit:
Include any information you think would be useful in helping us choose the right baby for you:
Terms for adoption:
Must own your own home or have written permission from your landlord to have the animal
Someone must be at home with them at all times or safe care must be provided
You must not have a violent --criminal background
You must be able to provide medical attention for your puppy
You must keep the dog as an in-door pet
We cannot reimburse you for a returned pet
You must provide all insurance needed for liability purposes
Everything must be correct, true, & accurate on the application
The dog must be returned to FINALLY HOME if you can no longer keep them, not given away, sold or left at any animal control shelter or any other rescue groups. You must also notify us immediately if the pet is lost or stolen or picked up by animal control.
Do you understand & agree with the terms of adoption for this pup & realize that any violations could result in the loss of your animal:
Please note: Your application/contract will not be considered without the following:
Please attach a copy of your mortgage or deed: (Remove or white out all personal info)
For renters: You must have a written copy of permission to have this animal stating that the landlord knows the size & breed of the animal
Please attach your personal references
Pictures of your house & yard
A business card & hopefully a personal reference from your vet
This is a contract signed by _______________________ & Brandia Taamu on __, ___, 20__, in ____________ in the State of Washington Witness_________________ Witness_________________ Signature______________________ Print Name____________________ Signature______________________ Print Name____________________


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