We Minister to all of the Earth's creatures, whether they be covered in skin, fur, feathers, or scales, because all life is precious, all life matters & all life is interdependent on each other for existence. No one is above or below another, we all matter, we all have worth, & most importantly we can all make a difference.

Announcing our new donation drive please check out our gift card registry for a list of gift cards we could use in our efforts to provide community services! Just click on the picture to the right & it will take you straight to our gift registry! ------------------------------------------->

             ~*~*~*~We are now performing weddings! Please contact us for details!~*~*~*~

Welcome to our site! Please take some time to go through each page of interest to you so you can learn what we do & why. Our site is growing every day so check back often to see our new changes. If you have a service or a link you think may be helpful please let me know so it can be added or if you see some info that is incorrect please notify me immediately so we can fix it! We will be on the hunt for a new Board of Directors very soon as we Incorporate, so if you have any special skills or talents you can bring to the table by all means let me know. We are also hoping to someday have an actual brick & mortar building of our own, that will take time, money & volunteers, any & all help is appreciated!

Please take some time & consideration to donate to us today, we run simply on donations & any work we do, we couldn't do without your support. I generally give all of my income to support our ministries but because of an ongoing issue I am unable to do so at this time.

We are now a state recognized Non-Profit Corporation! You can obtain financial disclosure information from our Secretary of State Charities Program by calling (800) 332-4483 for Finally Home Rescue & Ministries/Finally Home Humane Society/Finally Home Rescue & Humane Society.

Phone: 425-319-3298
Email: finallyhomerescue@yahoo.com

Accredited Minister with a Doctor of Divinity, Spiritual Counseling certification & 9yrs experience in animal rescue.

Our basic mission is to minister & support humans & animals alike. We offer volunteer opportunities, house pet, & car blessings, over see funerals, marriages, & families in troubled times

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